Mold: Home for the Holidays?

Latitudes Environmental is fortunate to be supporting some great non-profit organizations in Houston, who are working tirelessly to rebuild neighborhoods impacted by Hurricane Harvey. For many homeowners, repairs have either not started or are in the early stages. And for these folks, home for the holidays is still not a reality.

Our specific role involves mold remediation planning, and mold testing.

Remediation Planning- also known as a Mold Remediation Protocol takes place during the early stages of a home renovation; we inspect the home and develop a written plan of action to rid the home of mold, or the potential for mold.

Mold Testing- also known as Mold Inspection or Mold Assessment, usually takes place toward the end of a renovation; we perform a visual inspection and take air samples to evaluate the mold types and concentrations, which may still be present.

The best part about this work is seeing the finished results. In the photo below, this home was flooded with 2 feet of water, where floors, walls and cabinets had to be demolished and rebuilt.

In the kitchen you can see the transformation- this family is excited to finally move back in!

Photo Jul 02, 4 11 54 PM.jpg


Photo Sep 05, 13 45 24.jpg


The Mold Practice has been a great service line. We look forward to continuing our work in these impacted communities- helping to build safe and livable environments.