Offshore Wind Farm... Virginia Beach?!

Latitudes Environmental attended the Offshore Wind Executive Summit in Houston this week.

This conference focused on “the parallels of wind, oil and gas”. Much of the project logistics and engineering for offshore wind turbines has been borrowed from the offshore oil and gas industry. We also learned that the site characterization, agency coordination and contingency planning required for offshore wind farms is similar to permitting offshore oil and gas structures in the Gulf of Mexico.


The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has been working with states that have expressed interest in development of offshore renewable energy. The BOEM’s Renewable Energy Program occurs in four distinct phases:

1) Planning and Analysis,

2) Lease Issuance

3) Site Assessment

4) Construction and Operations

A number of offshore lease areas have been identified in federal waters between Massachusetts and South Carolina, and are in various stages of planning and leasing. Two wind turbines are presently being planned for installation in federal waters offshore Virginia. This will be the first offshore wind project in federal waters of the United States, and the first project to go through the BOEM approval process. Check out the video below!

Latitudes Environmental is comprised of marine and atmospheric scientists, having a wealth of experience in permitting offshore oil and gas development projects. This makes us a ‘natural fit’ for supporting renewable energy companies in obtaining their license to operate in these new frontiers.

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