BUYER BEWARE! Mold Inspections

Everyone in Houston knows someone who’s house was flooded. The recovery is turning out to be a long and drawn out process. Houstonians are still working hard to get back on track. Latitudes has been active in supporting recovery efforts throughout the City. The affected homes are in various stages of restoration- most have torn out the first level walls, flooring and cabinets, and are now drying the inside rooms using fans and air conditioners. The process continues with treating the wall studs with either a bleach solution or other mold inhibitor.

Why do you need a Mold Inspection?

The affected homes will need to be inspected to ensure that they are both moisture and mold free, prior to reconstruction. A professional Mold Assessment serves two primary purposes: 1) it insures that the home will not harbor or promote the growth of mold in the future, and 2) it provides a certified Mold Assessment Report of the home’s condition. This Report is important, as it may influence future insurance underwriting decisions, and even support the owner’s asking price when they eventually decide to sell.

However, homeowners are getting mixed advice all around. Their private insurance agents, FEMA adjusters and their banks have different qualifications for a mold inspection. And after shopping around, buyers will often select the least expensive mold inspector...


Under Texas Rules, ONLY licensed Mold Assessment Consultants may issue a ‘clearance’ for a home. Additionally, these Consultants MUST have commercial general liability insurance ($1 million per occurrence). State Rules require licensed mold assessors and re-mediators to give a copy of the Consumer Mold Information Sheet (link below) to each client and property owner before starting any mold-related activity.

TEXAS Department of Licencing and Registration: Consumer Mold Information Sheet

Mold Assessment Consultants are required to carry a state mold inspector license with their name, photo and license number.

Mold inspections are a professional service. Inspections are liable if not performed in accordance with the Texas Mold Assessment and Remediation Rules. Most homeowners regard their home as their most valuable asset. So let’s take this mold business seriously, for the health of your family and the value of your prized possession!

Latitudes Environmental is a Houston-based professional services firm, with an experienced team of Licensed Mold Assessment Consultants supporting the communities impacted.

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