West Texas Boom… ‘All you can Eat’ Environmental Compliance

The Permian Basin oil boom has been dominating the news feeds, with production volumes looking to surpass some of the big Middle East players. These are wild times…. and, we have been here before.

Bringing on wells also demands for new production facilities- pumping units, separators, tanks, and compressors... as much a part of our landscape as bluebonnets and buffalo grass!

Air Permitting and Compliance.jpg

Latitudes Environmental has been fortunate to support both Operators and service companies on air permitting, greenhouse gas emissions reporting, Tier II chemical inventory reporting, and SPCC planning, to name a few.

Although many of these requirements have been around for a while, regulatory agencies have been moving from traditional ‘paper-pushing’, to online reporting systems. Platforms such as STEERS (TCEQ’s electronic reporting system) and e-GGRT (EPA’s GHG reporting system) have taken over to facilitate submittals and communications.

These data platforms typically allow for the assignment of an Agent. In our consulting role, we act as the Agent to gather, analyze, and input data, while also fielding any agency comments following submittal. This is the tedious work that our Clients simply don’t have time for, and see a cost benefit for bringing us on.

Latitudes Environmental is a full-service professional consulting firm based in Houston, Texas. We navigate the rules, manage the data, and stay on top of the reporting. Our customers can then focus on what they are best at- Operational Performance.

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